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Allergic rhinitis: An interview with Dr. Choffor Nchinda (ENT)

This is an interview blog post with Dr. CHOFFOR NCHINDA Emmanuel (MD)an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)specialist at the Buea Regional Hospital (BRH). 
  1. HILPharma: Hello Dr. Choffor and welcome to our ENT series. We are very glad to have you on board with us. Today we will be talking about allergic rhinitis. What is allergic rhinitis?

Dr. Choffor Nchinda: Thank you very much HILPharma, always my pleasure. Allergic rhinitis describes a group of inflammatory manifestations caused by recurrent irritation of the nose, throat and ears by allergens.

An allergen is a substance that is normally harmless but may cause some reactions in other individuals who are sensitive.

  1. HILPharma: In your practice, on average how many patients do you see with allergic rhinitis per day or per month?

Dr. Choffor Nchinda: About 3 in 10 of my consultations for adults and 2 in 10 for children are cases of allergic rhinitis. Note however, these are just approximates.

  1. HILPharma: What causes it and who is likely to get it?

Dr. Choffor Nchinda: It is caused by the exposure by a person to allergens they are sensitive to. These can be mold, dust, pollen, sometimes simply cold air.

One is more likely to have it if someone in the family has it, or cold humid climate and pollution.

  1. HILPharma: What are the likely signs and symptoms?

Dr. Choffor Nchinda: Most common are repeated catarrh, repeated nose blockage, headache, itchy nose, throat and ears.

  1. HILPharma: How do you diagnose a person with allergic rhinitis? i.e. what do you usually do like…ear exam, history etc…if any tests are needed? and approx cost in Cameroon (public and private)

Dr. Choffor Nchinda: I will most likely take the patient’s history by asking a few questions, do a physical examination. May carry out some tests to measure the substance (antibody) in the body responsible for the reactions (IgE dosing).

Eventually skin allergen tests for cases that are very difficult to control, this however is not available in Cameroon.

  1. HILPharma: How does one treat allergic rhinitis?

Dr. Choffor Nchinda: Anti-allergic medication to help reduce the symptoms like local steroids and anti-histamines. They are mostly available as nasal drops, nasal sprays and tablets.

  1. HILPharma: What are the possible complications if someone delays treatment or poorly treats allergic rhinitis?

Dr. Choffor Nchinda: Sinusitis, Otitis media, poor quality of life as it may disturb your daily activities.

  1. HILPharma: So doctor how does one prevent allergic rhinitis?

Dr. Choffor Nchinda: You should avoid contact with allergens, proper hygiene and good ventilation of rooms.

  1. HILPharma: In your practice, what are some of the myths you noticed from patients and what do you have to say about them?

Dr. Choffor Nchinda: Allergic rhinitis is often confused with sinusitis or common cold. Given that it is not caused by a virus, it won’t just go away after a few days. You will continue to have the discomfort for as long as you are exposed to the allergen.

  1. HILPharma: Any medication safety tips you would want to share?

Dr. Choffor Nchinda:

  • Stay away from oral steroids (dexamethasone tablets), long-term use can have disastrous effects.
  • Avoid antibiotics without a medical prescription.
  • Always tell your doctor of any other medication you are taking to avoid interaction
  1. HILPharma: Thank you so much for your time doctor. Will like to know one last thing, how does one book an appointment for a consultation with you?

Dr. Choffor Nchinda: Easy! Head to Buea Regional Hospital any day, ask to see an ENT and you will be given a precise program for ENT activities. These include consultations, office procedures, surgery, explorations (endoscopy).

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Dr. Choffor Nchinda Emmanuel

About Dr. Choffor Nchinda E.

Dr. CHOFFOR NCHINDA Emmanuel is an ENT (Ear, nose and throat) specialist at Buea Regional Hospital, Cameroon. He chose ENT for the diversity of scope and activities, making it somewhat exceptional. When he is not saving lives, he enjoys reading, riding, swimming and gaming.

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