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HILPharma’s Medication Safety social Media campaign

We launched a social media campaign on the 16th December 2017 and ended on the 27th of January 2018 with the aim of raising awareness on medication safety in the community. Official hashtag #MedSafety

  • Know your medication, reading and understanding drug labels
  • Getting the most out of your health care team by being an active member
  • Buying medication from the right source and proper storage
  • Caution on drug interactions with other drugs and foods

In Cameroon, many patients suffer medication errors that could have easily been preventation if they knew safer medication practices.

The online campaign consisted of posting a medication safety tip daily on Facebook and whatsapp and a more detailed blog post at least once a week on our blog.

We had high participation from our audience, especially on whatsapp as they had many questions and some were glad for the eye openers.

Though we have come to the end, a lot is still to be done to remedy the situation of medication safety in Cameroon. We need a more conscious community and medical staff. We also call on the government to help curb some of these problems such as the thriving business of street medication vendors.

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