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HILPharma’s No to drug abuse campaign

We launched the No to drug abuse campaign on Sept 14th 2018. It ran right up to the end of the year.

It had as goals:

  • To raise awareness on the problem of drug use (many still believed it was a far-fetched problem
  • To highlight the importance of family bonds in preventing substance abuse
  • To provide resources (fact sheets, myth vs fact, quitting guides, inteventions ) so people are

It was originally meant to follow the format of the medication safety campaign with just blogs and social media photos daily. But little did we know it was going to get so much attention and partnerships.

Yes we did the blogs and social media posts but in addition, we went into partnership with Agnos Dei Apparels for the campaign t-shirts which were bought and worn by over 75 persons.

We also went into partnership with Eagles Wings Production for the production of a music video.

Schools got wind of our activities and called for us to come for talks with the students. They were concerned with the rise of drug use in their schools. Parents too.

Given the limited time we were given in each school, we were able to carry out informal survey, focus groups and an interactive session on resistance skills and setting goals for the future.

We hosted a meeting with guidance counselors of Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) Etougebe to discuss the challenges they face and proposed solutions. The time was also used to test our Youth Against Drug Abuse (YADA) manual.

Oh did I forget to mention the beautiful bracelets that were made, well here they are.

The campaign also birthed the launch of The Spoken Words mini-contest which ran from 24th-26th October 2018. More about this here.

We got nominated for the Bonteh Digital Media Awards (BDMA) under the category of Best socal media campaign and won. More about that here.

We hope to launch many more of such campaigns in the future. More needs to be done in the area of not only raising awareness on the ill of substance use, but providing the right tools to make prevention easier.

Thank you all for your massive participation and partnerships.

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