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How to reduce your wait time in a pharmacy

Reducing your wait time in the pharmacy

The world is getting more fast paced than ever with an ‘Android/Apple’ generation getting what they want and when they want.

If you are like me who has a busy schedule or just impatient standing on a long line waiting to be served in a pharmacy, this article is to help you reduce your wait time.

Here is a few things you could try:

We see your impatient faces and gestures and believe me, most times we are under more pressure than you are. Yelling only increases the possibility of a slower process (trying to talk you down, or confusing prescriptions).

Trying calming down and do some eye shopping and reading around. You might just learn a thing or two.

It takes time to fill a prescription (checking it’s authenticity, safety, getting the products, packaging and checking out).

Many of us think pharmacies are like fast food joints where you come, grab and go. if you want to skip all these steps, you could email, text or call the pharmacy (importance of sticking to one pharmacy).

With mobile money services everywhere you could even pay before hand. This way you just come collect. Some other pharmacies have upgraded to even home/office deliveries (but i think it is for those who can afford, or njoh (free) depending on their customer service policies.

Experience has shown that so early in the morning (7:30-8:30am) and afternoon periods (12-2pm) are not good times to go to a pharmacy because it is usually full or attendants are more busy (sorting new medication arrival).

My advice: 9-11am, 4-8pm are great periods to go to a pharmacy.

I know this does not really depend on you but make sure you know what is written on it before leaving the hospital. We usually have a whole consortium to decipher the doctors handwriting and believe me, it takes time.

They say time is money, so use it well.

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Ekwoge Hilda

Dr. Ekwoge Hilda is a trained pharmacist from Cameroon and Co-founder of HILPharma. When she is not busy creating content, she slings pills to pay the bills.

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