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Snoring: An interview with Dr. Choffor Nchinda (ENT)

This is an interview blog post with Dr. CHOFFOR NCHINDA Emmanuel (MD) an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist at the Buea Regional Hospital (BRH). 
  1. HILPharma: Hello Dr. Choffor and welcome to our ENT series. Today we will be talking about snoring. What is snoring?

Dr. Choffor: Thank you very much HILPharma, always a pleasure. Snoring (symptom) is an inspiratory sound (during breathing in) produced while sleeping.

  1. HILPharma: In your practice, on average how many patients do you see with snoring per day or per month?

Dr. Choffor: About 1 adult in 10 and 3 children in 10 consult for snoring. Note however, this is approximate.

  1. HILPharma: What causes it and who is more likely to get it?

Dr. Choffor: Snoring is caused by a partial obstruction or blockage of the airway, situated around the throat.

Almost everyone snores occasionally and usually there is not much into it. It is however more common in men and people who are overweight. In children, it is mainly caused by swollen adenoid/palate tonsils.

  1. HILPharma: What are the likely signs and symptoms?

Dr. Choffor: Associated to snoring could be poor sleep quality, tiredness, sleepiness, irritability, poor performance at school, growth retardation.

  1. HILPharma: how do you diagnose a person with snoring? i.e. what do you usually do like…ear exam, history etc…if any tests are needed? and approx cost in Cameroon (public and private)

Dr. Choffor: I will most likely take the patient’s history by asking a few questions, do a physical examination. There is also endoscopy, skull Xray in children. In adults polysomnography is useful, CT-Scan occasionally.

  1. HILPharma: How does one treat snoring?

Dr. Choffor: Surgery in children: adeno-tonsillectomy, healthy weight loss in adults, sometimes CPAP device at night (continuous positive airway pressure).

  1. HILPharma: What are the possible complications if someone delays treatment or poorly treats snoring?

Dr. Choffor: Sleep apnoea (breathing repeatedly stops and starts while sleeping), poor growth, poor brain development in children, increased risk of developing heart conditions in adults.

It could also cause relationship strains in couples where the non-snoring partner has difficulties sleeping.

  1. HILPharma: So doctor how does one prevent snoring?

Dr. Choffor: It will depend on how serious your snoring is.

Most will go away by some modifications like weight loss, no smoking, sleeping with a pillow (elevate the head) and sleeping on your side instead of your back.

  1. HILPharma: In your practice, what are some of the myths you noticed from patients and what do you have to say about them?

Dr. Choffor: Many people think snoring is normal, especially in adults. They say “he just snores, that’s how he is”. Snoring reflects a problem, and can cause complications. Snoring in children is easily and definitively treated in almost all cases. Seek ENT medical advice if your child snores! Adults require a multidisciplinary approach.

  1. HILPharma: Any medication safety tips you would want to share?

Dr. Choffor:

  • Before using any medications to help you sleep, make sure you let your doctor know
  • Always tell your doctor of any other medication you are taking to avoid interaction
  1. HILPharma: Thank you so much for your time doctor. Will like to know, how does one book an appointment for a consultation with you?

Dr. Choffor: Easy! Head to Buea Regional Hospital any day, ask to see an ENT and you will be given a precise program for ENT activities. These include consultations, office procedures, surgery, explorations (endoscopy).

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Dr. Choffor Nchinda Emmanuel

About Dr. Choffor Nchinda E.

Dr. CHOFFOR NCHINDA Emmanuel is an ENT (Ear, nose and throat) specialist at Buea Regional Hospital, Cameroon. He chose ENT for the diversity of scope and activities, making it somewhat exceptional. When he is not saving lives, he enjoys reading, riding, swimming and gaming.

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