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Sore throat: An interview with Dr. Choffor Nchinda (ENT)

This is an interview blog post with Dr. CHOFFOR NCHINDA Emmanuel (MD)an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)specialist at the Buea Regional Hospital (BRH). 
NB: any over the counter medications shown here are for illustration purposes only and not an endorsement or promotion.
  1. HILPharma: Hello Dr. Choffor and welcome to our ENT series. Today we will be talking about sore throat. What is a sore throat?

Dr. Choffor: Thank you very much HILPharma, always a pleasure. Sore throat is a broad non-medical term that describes throat irritation/pain. It is a symptom not a disease or condition.

  1. HILPharma: in your practice, on average how many patients do you see with sore throat per day or per month?

Dr. Choffor: About 1-2 in 10 patients I receive present with sore throat. Note however, this is approximate.

  1. HILPharma: What causes it and who is more likely to get it?

Dr. Choffor: Sore throat can be caused by germs (viruses mostly), irritation from allergies or acid reflux, and even more serious conditions like cancer.

Anyone can have a sore throat.

  1. HILPharma: What are the likely signs and symptoms?

Dr. Choffor: well for starters, a sore throat obviously! Other associated symptoms could be dry cough, catarrh, or the feeling that something is in your throat.

  1. HILPharma: how do you diagnose a person with sore throat? i.e. what do you usually do like…ear exam, history etc…if any tests are needed? and approx cost in Cameroon (public and private)

Dr. Choffor: I will most likely take the patient’s history by asking a few questions, do a physical examination. Tests done will depend on the suspected cause.

  1. HILPharma: How does one treat sore throat?

Dr. Choffor: again really broad term, treatment will depend on the cause. Sore throat caused by germs (mostly viruses), will go away by themselves, without the need of any medications.

Home care:

  • Gargling warm salty water (remember to not swallow)
  • Lozenges, pastilles, mouth wash or throat sprays that can be bought at a local pharmacy
  • Simple painkillers like paracetamol can help ease the pain.

Important to see a doctor immediately if sore throat is not resolved after a week.

Antibiotics are rarely necessary and if needed, will be prescribed by your doctor.

Other causes of sore throat may require different types of medications like medications for acid reflux or inflammation.

  1. HILPharma: What are the possible complications if someone delays treatment or poorly treats a sore throat?

Dr. Choffor: depending on the severity of sore throat, it could lead to poor quality of life (difficulty sleeping, pain and hence affect work performance)

  1. HILPharma: so doctor how does one prevent sore throat?

Dr. Choffor: Practice proper hygiene always and especially beside people who are sick. Early medical advice in all cases.

  1. HILPharma: in your practice, what are some of the myths you noticed from patients and what do you have to say about them?

Dr. Choffor: The most common is the fact that people think they always need an antibiotic to treat sore throat. This is far from true!

Also often called “Hausa sick”. Patients tend to go to the traditional doctor to have their tonsils cut. This is very dangerous as we have received patients with extensive infections and profuse bleeding following this. As a result, patient will spend enormously, let alone morbidity and even mortality (death!) in some cases

  1. HILPharma: Any medication safety tips you would want to share?

Dr. Choffor:

  • Avoid antibiotics without a medical prescription
  • Always tell your doctor of any other medication you are taking to avoid interaction
  1. HILPharma: Thank you so much for your time doctor. Will like to know, how does one book an appointment for a consultation with you?

Dr. Choffor: Easy! Head to Buea Regional Hospital any day, ask to see an ENT and you will be given a precise program for ENT activities. These include consultations, office procedures, surgery, explorations (endoscopy).

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Dr. Choffor Nchinda Emmanuel

About Dr. Choffor Nchinda E.

Dr. CHOFFOR NCHINDA Emmanuel is an ENT (Ear, nose and throat) specialist at Buea Regional Hospital, Cameroon. He chose ENT for the diversity of scope and activities, making it somewhat exceptional. When he is not saving lives, he enjoys reading, riding, swimming and gaming.

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