Who we are

HILPharma is a Cameroonian based non-profit, non governmental organization actively working with a dynamic and passionate team of volunteers on promoting a medication safety culture and combating substance abuse in our society

Our mission

Empowering communities and healthcare professionals in medication safety and rehabilitating substance abuse victims and their families through capacity building

Our Vision

To build a medication safety culture in communities and healthcare systems.
Slogan: all about drug safety

our core values


We stay true and honest to our identity and values even when no one is looking. Our focus is building a transparent and trustworthy relationship with our audience and partners


HILPharma is made up of amazing volunteers, but it is only through effective teamwork can we make the dream work. We also believe, together we are stronger and collaborate with other teams.


We refuse to settle for the status-quo. By constantly seeking better ways of improving to better serve our audience, we deliver excellence in all we do. Fueled by passion.