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Basic first aid training for students at GBHS Etoug-ebe

Children, now more than ever, need to have some important basic skills. One of such important skills is first aid. We had a fun day interacting.

Unfortunately, this is not something routinely taught in our schools in Cameroon, neither is it thought at home. When accidents happen, people are left to wonder what to do.

Our children need to be trained on how to properly respond to emergencies and seek help.

We had a fun day interacting with the health club of Government Bilingual HIgh School (GBHS) Etoug-ebe.

We introduced the folowing DR ABC (Dange and Response Airway, Breathing and CPR). Then we had the students role play and simulate each of the aspects.

  • Identifying an emergency situation
  • Calling for help
  • Protecting one’s self and the victim
  • Helping a choking person
  • Checking consciousness, breathing….ABC
  • Constituiting a home first aid kit and reading instructions
  • Extras based on their questions like snake bites

Prizes were given to the most participative students. The prizes were partially funded by GEESA, the ex-students association. The prizes entailed complete first aid kits or items of a first aid kit.

We call on the governement to intergrate basic first aid training in all schools, starting from primary school and why not even nursery schools. It is embarassing (and moreso lifethreatening) that a primary school child does not know the country’s emergency numbers or what to do in an emergency.

One may argue, what is the point calling the numbers when they won’t come, let us stick to shouting for help and our neighbors will come out and help. While that is a valid point, that just makes us stagnant.

Parents, teach your children first aid. Enroll them for a short training at the Red Cross of your country. It may one day save your own life.

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