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How to transition from breast milk to other foods

The importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life cannot be over emphasized. However, after this period, breast milk alone is no longer sufficient to cover the baby’s needs. This is a very challenging moment for every mother because she has to rediscover what her baby likes and try to maintain a healthy diet.

I can clearly hear you saying doctor where do I even start lol?

  • Breast milk remains on the menu. The trick is to reduce the day time feeds and keep those in the night
  • Start with a single ingredient food say a potato that you cook and mash without sugar nor salt. Give the baby 3-5 days before introducing something new. Do the same routine with veggies and fruits
  • Watch out for anything abnormal ( vomiting, diarrhea a rash)
  • Go for foods rich in iron and zinc (fortified cereals,

    Doctor I have tired but the baby refuses these new foods, help me out am scared.

  • The flavors are new so they need time to get used to. Give it another try after a week and see. If not OK, talk to a doctor

In the family, we are all allergic to eggs, should I still give the baby?

  • Yes until you give the infant you won’t know. Studies say the earlier it is tried the more likely the baby won’t even develop an allergy.
  • NO Juice until age one, yes you read well! It will increase weight problems and tooth decay
  • Cow milk oh my dear! It has a very small quantity of iron and too many proteins that are not appropriate for the infant
  • You have not taken care of you baby to choke it right? Stay away from nuts and dried fruits that can easily block respiration as well of large food piece. Chop them!

  My infant is discovering the world and very active, how can I make all this easier? Make the baby seat on a chair where straps are used especially if the baby can sit without support

  • Encourage brain development as you allow the baby to explore food and play with the chopped pieces
  • Offer the baby utensils that they will eventually recognize as their; cup, spoons and plate/bowl
  • Avoid to force a new meal on them. Let them get acquainted to the meals slowly
  • Don’t force extra bites.

It is fun to see your baby grow and even more fun even you go right by the feeding.

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