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3 truths about smoking and weight loss

Whether we talk about smoking or quitting on smoking, we quickly come to talk about nutrition too as these two themes are generally linked. And the related subjects are many but the main one is about the fact that some smokers with weight issues are afraid to gain weight, if they ever venture to stop smoking… So, we are here to debunk some myths about smoking and weight loss. 

1) Is it true that quitting on smoking might make you gain weight? Well, yes! 

When most people quit smoking they do put on a few extra weight which might be explained by : an increase in caloric intake from foods and drinks (due to taste buds coming back alive and food tasting much better), a decreased metabolism referring to a decrease in the rate at which your body burns calorie, added to the non-increase of physical activity. 

2) Are you encouraged to use smoking as a weight loss strategy? Well, NO! Why…?

The danger is that any weight-maintaining advantage or weight-loss that is a byproduct from smoking is more than put off by increased health risks such as: stroke, lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema…

Smoking also has the tendency to affect your ability to absorb nutrients such as: zinc, calcium and magnesium.

Smoking can also cause excess fat to be stored around your waist due to increased insulin resistance brought on by heavy smoking.

3) Can you control the weight gain side effects of quitting on smoking? Well, YES! How…?  

If you are a smoker and you decide to quit…               

  • Control the quantity, quality and frequency of caloric intake from sugars and fats in your diet with the help of a nutritionist to help you make better food choices           
  • Engage in non-food activities to fight against any smoking withdrawals. Begin an exercise routine   
  • Interact with other non-smokers for support

To conclude: Though it is true that smoking might be associated to weight lost, it comes with too many negative effects that threaten your health in the long run. In fact studies have shown that heavy smokers are generally obese and their health is poor. Compared to smokers, ex-smokers can expect to live longer, have fewer days of illness, have better fitness and energy fitness levels, and be healthier and happier.

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