All about drug safety

Building a drug safety culture in communities and healthcare systems


Medication Safety

Many medication errors that happen daily could easily be prevented with the right medication safety culture by both patients and care givers. One major contributing factors is poor health literacy of the community which we seek to curb.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse does not affect only the victim but includes the family, friends, and the society at large. Right now in Cameroon, the resources are very limited in curbing both prevention and cessation opportunities.


There is a very limited bank of knowledge available about medication safety practices and substance abuse in Cameroon. Our goal is to contribute to the building of this bank so better public health decisions can be made.


Our latest Project

Train 100 Youth Against Drug Abuse (YADA) ambassadors by December 2021

The rise of substance abuse in our school children needs urgent attention. Children need not only the right drug education but also the right resistance skills to deal with the pressures they face to use drugs.

Goal: train 100 students in drug use prevention by Dec 2021
Students trained so far 35%

Watch our No To Drug Abuse theme song


HILPharma distinguishes itself addressing very pertinent issues related to drug abuse, and has succeeded to speak to the needs of a wide array of audience spanning across both teenagers and adults. I appreciate they reach out to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable persons at grassroot level with trainings on good practices with medication. Personally, I've shun auto-medication by following their very engaging communications on this subject
Mikah Nuilondea
I used to hate drugs a lot. I will take my drugs and not finish them as soon as I felt better but this changed when I met HILPharma in 2018. They made a write-up about antibiotics that changed my attitude towards drugs. I'm forever grateful they are able to influence the population with the adequate information to Cameroon and the world at large for 'Breaking the Silence of Drug Abuse in the Youth'. Thank you HILPharma and keep up the good work.
Ndula Joy Chekeh
CEO @JollyLifeBooks
Through HILPharma, my eyes are now opened to so many things I took for granted like buying medication from street vendors and using antibiotics carelessly. I'm grateful for this forum where I can freely learn helpful tips on my health. Ouf, did i mention the drug abuse campaign on Instagram? It was a whole big deal! I only later realized this wasn't something that happened only abroad, but right in my own family. Thank you, thank you HILPharma
Vanessa Ekun
Engineering student