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Medication Safety Topics

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Shisha: a healthier alternative to cigarettes?

I will start with an emphatic NO. There is no such thing as a healthy smoking option. The common misconception is that because shisha (also known as hookah) is sweet and…
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Drug facts: Anabolic steroids

Also known as juice Most commonly abused drugs among athletes who use it illegally to build their muscles and improve athletic performance. Many sports do not approve of it and once…
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Drug facts: Tramadol

Standing in front of a class full of uppersixth students and asking if they know about drug abuse, they all screamed YES! Moving on we asked what drugs they knew…in…

Healthy Living Topics


13 reasons why you should breastfeed your baby

Survival of species overtime comes with their ability to get food. Humans are not different so breast milk is that which a newborn needs for survival with warmth and care.…