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Pregnancy medication safety: Pain

Pain is a day to day encounter that sometimes needs medication to subside depending on our level of tolerance of it. Pregnant women will generally have fatigue that they interpret as pain. This is because of the uncomfortable feeling that comes along with it.

Paracetamol is the drug of choice for pain for pregnant women

Aspirin is not recommended except for specific indications 

Ibuprofen and ketoprofen  are to be used with caution and avoid especially in the 3rd trimester since they are associated with prolonged bleeding.

Opioids like tramadol, morphine etc should only be used in severe cases and with caution to avoid low birth weights, birth defects or ‘drugged babies’ who will experience withdrawal effects when born. 

I will then say always consult your doctor before taking any medication. Its not just about you during pregnancy but also the baby.

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