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I need more coffee!


Did you know coffee was a drug? One of the most widely used ones at that. Coffee contains caffeine, also found in energy drinks and sodas. There is always that period in life where a person has so much to do in a little period of time and we resort to coffee to stay awake. 

Moderate amounts rarely cause any long term health effects. However, large doses can lead to anxiety.

Over consumption (frequent use) can make you become dependent (I.e. having difficulties doing without coffee) such that when you do not consume you may start experiencing some withdrawal effects like:               

  • Intense headaches               
  • Fatigue               
  • Depression              
  • Irritability               
  • Anxiety

Using coffee too frequently too could make you become tolerant to coffee meaning you may need higher quantities (dose) to have the same effect you had at a lower dose. 

Caffeine’s effects kick in within 45 minutes and its effects 3-6 hours.  Dependence and tolerance makes your body cry out I NEED MORE COFFEE!

So instead of more coffee, here are a few tips on how to break free               

  • Get more sleep (then you won’t need more coffee right?)               
  • Get exercise               
  • Drink a lot of water            
  • Eat balanced meals and regularly               
  • Reduce your quantity of caffeine containing drinks you consume daily progressively (coffee, energy drinks, sodas)

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