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YADA Graduation (1st Cohort)

On the 25th January 2020 at the Lycée Bilingue d’Etoug-Ebé premises, 35 students graduated from the 1st YADAcohort of the Youths Against Drug Abuse program (YADA) organized by HILPharma. 

Special thanks to the two high schools that opened their doors to host this programme:  Lycée Bilingue d’Application (LBA) and Lycée Bilingue d’Etoug-Ebé (LBE) for opening their doors to us.

All in all it was an amazing event with the students having very beautiful presentations. The event was mainly supported by donations from individuals who wanted to make a difference and we say thank you. We also had support from our partners Tanteta (covered the event with photos) and JollyLifeBooks (donated books to the children)

It has been 2 months working with these children. This is not the end, they are agents sent out to show the   example to their generation and be anti-drug use ambassadors.

  • We had an amazing team of volunteers working night and day to make this programme work well.
  • Special thanks to Germaine Mbange (YADA coordinator) and the 3 volunteer trainers: Cartel Payong, Curtis Nyea and Jarvis Ndong.


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