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Medication Safety Topics

Time to take medication

What time of the day is best to take my medication?

‘Doctor tok say one morning, one afternoon, one evening’ [The doctor said one morning, one afternoon, one evening] The over-worked physician, the fast-paced pharmacy staff hurriedly tells you take one…

Substance Abuse Topics

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Methanol abuse made me blind

Anthony is a form 5 student who needed a break from all the studying and preparing for his O’Level GCE. He went to the store to get a drink, however,…
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I need more coffee!

Did you know coffee was a drug? One of the most widely used ones at that. Coffee contains caffeine, also found in energy drinks and sodas. There is always that period…

Healthy Living Topics


Bed-wetting: how do I get my child to stop?

I remember while in boarding school, girls who peed on the bed were always mocked at. It is a very embarrassing situation for children when they do so and shaming them…