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Medication Safety Topics

prenatal vitamins

What are prenatal vitamins and why you need them

Are you pregnant or considering getting pregnant? Congratulations! Have you had your first visit to the hospital yet? I bet you have. You were most likely recommended some prenatal vitamins…
Refusing medication

12 reasons why people do not take their medication

While doing my patient care rounds, I met a patient living with diabetes hospitalized for mismanaged diabetes, a situation which could have been avoided if he took his medication faithfully.…

Substance Abuse Topics


Am I enabling drug use?

When it comes to people suffering from addiction, seeing your loved one suffer and expected to do nothing about it must be a very hard thing to do. However, it…

How to deal with an intoxicated guest

I hate it when a beautiful wedding is ruined because someone could not hold their liquor and is making a scene. They become loud (sometimes revealing secrets), violent, breaking stuff…

Healthy Living Topics


Vitamin D and Your Fertility: What Science Says

If you are a woman who is trying to conceive (TTC), the accumulating data suggesting a relationship between vitamin D and your fertility may be of great interest to you.…

Vitamins: What You Need to Know!

Besides oxygen in the air we breathe, can you guess what else is vital for a living? Vitamins! Vitamins are organic substances produced by plants or animals that are needed…

Bed-wetting: how do I get my child to stop?

I remember while in boarding school, girls who peed on the bed were always mocked at. It is a very embarrassing situation for children when they do so and shaming them…