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Medication Safety Topics

Time to take medication

What time of the day is best to take my medication?

‘Doctor tok say one morning, one afternoon, one evening’ [The doctor said one morning, one afternoon, one evening] The over-worked physician, the fast-paced pharmacy staff hurriedly tells you take one…

Substance Abuse Topics

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I need more coffee!

Did you know coffee was a drug? One of the most widely used ones at that. Coffee contains caffeine, also found in energy drinks and sodas. There is always that period…
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3 truths about smoking and weight loss

Whether we talk about smoking or quitting on smoking, we quickly come to talk about nutrition too as these two themes are generally linked. And the related subjects are many…
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My new year sober resolutions for 2019

As they say locally, ‘New Year, New Fashion’. It is very common at this time of the year to have self evaluations of the previous year and to come up…

Healthy Living Topics

mouth odor

7 ways to get rid of mouth odor

Ever noticed when you talk to people around you and they seem to be uncomfortable? One of the probable reasons could be because of the odor from your mouth isn’t…
healthy food

10 healthy diet tips for breastfeeding moms

After sharing with you the incredible benefits breastfeeding has for both you as a mom and your baby, what about diving into the diet tips you will need to eat…
baby food

How to transition from breast milk to other foods

The importance of exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life cannot be over emphasized. However, after this period, breast milk alone is no longer sufficient to cover the…