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Medication Safety Topics

Substance Abuse Topics

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Drug facts: Tramadol

Standing in front of a class full of uppersixth students and asking if they know about drug abuse, they all screamed YES! Moving on we asked what drugs they knew…in…
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What is prescription drug abuse?

The drug abuse trend is rapidly shifting from the illicit drugs like marijuana and cocaine to legal prescription drugs. This is because they are more readily available and also due…
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Drug facts: Heroin

What is heroin? Heroin is a depressant drug (slows down the brain and other vital activities ) made from the opiate family (from opium plant). Opiates (e.g. codeine, morphine, fentanyl…)…

Healthy Living Topics

cameroon food

How To Lose Weight Safely on a Cameroonian Diet

So you want to lose weight and you really do not know how to start? For a sustainable weight loss, though it requires a lot of discipline and motivation, it…

How to gain weight safely

Of all the fitness topics to write on, I was not expecting this to be the first. I especially relate to people who want to lose some weight as it…
healthy heart

10 commandments of a healthy heart

For a healthy heart, here are your 10 commandments: Thou should reduce sugary drinks and alcohol but rather drink water or drinks with reduced sugar content. Thou shall go for…